The Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity and Human Understanding, Inc. (CHDHU) is a not-for-profit organization sponsored in 2003 by the Board of Trustees of Suffolk County Community College to encourage human rights awareness and foster the values of respect and diversity. The CHDHU Board of Directors, reflecting a variety of ethnic, racial and religious affiliations, are united in a devotion to build a better community. They are assisted by and Advisory Council that represents the many talents of Long Island residents who are committed to furthering the mission of CHDHU.

The Center is an educational resource to connect people of all ages with information relating to historical events that promotes cultural understanding and respect for human dignity. CHDHU maintains significant collections of original materials that document the Holocaust and chronicle slavery in America.

Educational Opportunities at CHDHU:

  • Collections on the Holocaust of rare artifacts, memoirs, documents and photographs that are interpreted and presented in permanent and traveling exhibits.
  • Guided tours for classes and groups.
  • Diversity and intercultural programs that promote themes on coexistence, tolerance and respect for differences.
  • Holocaust and genocide educational programs that encourage visitors and students to reflect upon moral questions as well as their own responsibility as citizens of a democracy.
  • An exhibit on slavery on Long Island and enslaved people that offers visitors the opportunity to contemplate the dignity and sanctity of life, and to recognize and respect each person as a unique individual entitled to freedom and human rights.



To educate, promote cultural understanding, and respect human dignity.