Borrow Banners

Guidelines for Borrowing Banners

CHDHU lends both the full-size (16’ x 12.5’) banners and a smaller version (5’ x 4’) of the artwork from our annual Embracing Our Differences exhibition.

The Banners  are a perfect way to promote the ideals of acceptance and diversity while providing an atmosphere for thought and discussion about these important issues.

Full Banners
The 16” by 12.5’ banners can either be hung on a large wall, or be borrowed with the hardware to erect outdoors.

Smaller Banners
The 5’ by 4’ banners are suitable for indoor installations, especially at libraries, community and religious centers, schools, and businesses.

A maximum of sixteen of the smaller banners can be taken on loan and can be borrowed on a weekly or monthly basis.

General Information
There is no fee for borrowing banners.

Borrowers are responsible for transportation and installation. Educational guides associated with the banners are available upon request.

For more information about borrowing banners from this collection, please contact CHDHU at 631-451- 4117.

To educate, promote cultural understanding, and respect human dignity.