The Holocaust

The Liput Collection, on permanent display at the Gallery, illustrates the nearly successful attempt by the Nazis to eliminate the Jews of Europe.

The exhibit represents the largest collection of its kind on Long Island and features a complete set of the Nuremberg trial transcripts, original photographs, documents, posters, memoirs, uniforms and other artifacts.

Nazi Germany Holocaust This document printed in Nazi Germany during the 1930’s was an example of a pseudo-scientific study by the Nazis attempting to prove the fallacy of the superiority of the Aryan race.
Holocaust Research Collections A poster printed by Der Strumer, a publication within Germany of anti-semitic materials. Julius Streicher founded and edited the most rabidly anti-semitic of Nazi publications within Nazi Germany. Der Strumer specialized in anti-Semitic cartoons, and originated the slogan in 1923 that the “Jews are our misfortune.”This poster was designed to dehumanize the Jews who were posed in distorted, humiliating and disgusting positions. Also attempting to give the impression that the Jews were different, less human and pure and not as good as the German people.
Holocaust Research Collection German handbill dropped from German aircraft flying over Russian territory. Attempted to convince the Russian people that they should not fight the Germans, but rather come over to the German side.Attempted to illustrate the character of a Jew, holding in his hand soldiers of America, Great Britain and Russian, who are put through a meat grinder to obtain money from their hides. The intent of Nazi propaganda was to illustrate that the Jews were responsible for the cause of WWII.
Holocaust Research Collection Magazine that was published in Germany in 1941-1942 shows a Jewish cartoon character consuming a Russian, American, and English characterization.Attempted to demonstrate that the increased hostilities occurring in Europe was due to the Jews who were essentially responsible for controlling allied policies.Nazi propaganda was designed to intimate that the Jews were responsible for WWII as well as the woes of the world that plagued humanity during this most difficult of times.
Holocaust Research Collection An original magazine called “Jews in the USA.” This publication was published by the National Socialist Party for distribution in America and to anti-Semitic elements in Germany.
Holocaust Research Collection Handbills dropped from Nazi aircraft which flew over Russia during the eastern offensive that occurred between 1941-1942.This was an attempt to get Russian nationalists to recognize that Americans, English and Bolsheviks all danced to the music of the Jewish Clique and the imagined Jewish ConspiracyUsed racism to turn Russian nationalists against the Jews during the German offensive into Russia.

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