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Liberty Express Mobile Museum


A major near-term strategic priority is to acquire, retrofit and launch a mobile museum (bus) called the Liberty Express. The mission of the traveling exhibits will be to promote “Our Stories, Our Histories,” to school children and the public throughout Long Island.

Liberty Express will be an exciting new immersive museum experience intended primarily for Long Island secondary school children and as a model for communities everywhere.

The traveling museum will be designed to teach historical lessons with two unique, interchangeable exhibits, one which is on the enslavement of African people in America, and the other on the Holocaust. Both will inspire teens and all people to be responsible members of their communities.

Current Design Configuration

The concept for the Liberty Express has been developed through the collaborative efforts of CHDHU and the renowned design firm Experience Design. Attached to this plan as an exhibit are some materials describing the outcome of this process. In summary, they anticipate that the specially designed bus will include multi-media and graphics and objects that can be interchanged to showcase different exhibitions at different times of the year. The curriculum developed to support the museum will alternate to allow for various presentations. The exhibits will utilize the latest interactive media, from touchscreens to holograms and even puzzle pieces that can be swiped past sensors to trigger audio or media. The mobile museum will be rooted in high-tech (just what young people need to attract and maintain their attention). Students will also hear oral histories, be able to connect to exhibits with their smart phones and tablets, and a news ticker will inform visitors of contemporary issues as they become known worldwide.

Travel Plans

With funding achieved, construction will commence with a completion date of September 2016. This means that by the Fall 2016 the Liberty Express could be on the road! Travel plans start with Suffolk County, New York but will include the rest of Long Island, as well. It is anticipated that more than 10,000 students will experience the Liberty Express within its first year of operation. The public exposure of the vehicle, through marketing and promotion and by its very existence on the roads will expose the program, the Center and its sponsors to potentially hundreds of thousands of people annually.


A Conversation Among Survivors

“A Conversation Among Survivors,” held on April 22, 2015, was moderated by Steven Klipstein, and included Holocaust survivors, Werner Reich, Ruth Minsky Sender, Hannah Robinson and Annie Bleiberg. A video record of the presentations is available for viewing. This program, held in the presence of over 300 community college students, was also broadcast live over the web to several school districts.

Students and community members were silent as the survivors spoke; awed by their stories and their insights on life and human rights.

A similar event was held in November 2014 at Emma Clark Memorial Library in Setauket, NY.


Peaceful Coexistence Banners

Embracing our Differences is a juried art exhibit that takes place annually, and is sponsored by the Center on the Holocaust, Diversity, and Human Understanding.

“Diversity is the art of thinking independently together” – Malcolm Forbes

Artist: Angelina Craig Artist Quote: This artwork shows different races coming together and becoming one person.
Artist: Angelina Craig
Artist Quote: This artwork shows different races coming together and becoming one person.

CHDHU proudly presents Embracing Our Differences, an outdoor art exhibition and related programs intended to demonstrate that diversity enriches our lives; that respect for differences in our thoughts and beliefs elevates the human experience; that the active rejection of prejudice and hatred enhances our own freedom; and that the suffering caused when people are not treated with dignity and respect is unacceptable.

The Embracing Our Differences exhibition will feature up to 27 billboard size images created by professional artists, art students, and school children from all over Long Island. Their creations reflect their interpretation of our message, “enriching lives through diversity.”

Title: "Voices of Hope- Beacons of Light" Artist: Studio Class, Commack Middle School
Title: “Voices of Hope- Beacons of Light”
Artist: Studio Class, Commack Middle School

Public and private schools and groups are invited to visit the exhibition, and guided tours are available. Past exhibitions have been held at the Nassau County Museum of Art or in Heckscher Park or on the campus of Suffolk County Community College. Teachers will be provided with sample educational activities for use pre and post-visit.

We view tolerance as a way of thinking and feeling – but most importantly, of acting.

We select up to 27 works of art to enlarge to billboard size, 16 feet x 12.5 feet, making a really BIG statement. An educational guide is created to encourage visitors to engage in dialogue on issues of prejudice, hate, bullying and acceptance. The exhibit opens each year in October and then travels to other venues.